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Types Of B3 Bomber Jackets

Types Of B3 Bomber Jackets

Types Of B3 Bomber Jackets

A jacket is a piece of attire that is usually lighter than the courts but in the case of B3 bomber jackets, it is not so. The B3 bomber jacket is a bit heavier as compared to the normal leather jacket. There are millions of people out there who do not exactly know why a leather jacket is called a bomber B3 jacket. The history of B3 bomber jackets started centuries ago.

In world war I and world war II, The bomber B3 jackets were specially designed for WWII no one knew what a bomber jacket is but in the late 1950s. The bomber jackets came in limelight and people were stunned with the sturdy and durable look of the garment along with the style signature. Till the late 1980s, people had become quite aware of the look that the B3 bomber jackets give you. This awareness increased the sales of B3 bomber jackets.

Materials Used In The Making Of B3 Bomber Jackets

Most of the materials used by celeb jackets are of high quality and B3 bomber jackets are mostly made with sheepskin and fur. For the inner lining of the B3 bomber jackets, most of the companies including celebjacket use the finest quality material. The other things that are needed in the making of B3 jackets include hardware like zippers snaps and buttons.

Types Of B3 Bomber Jackets

There is a huge variety of b3 bomber jackets in the market that are introduced by different companies according to the demands of the users. Celebjacket has been making a lot of leather jackets that are exactly the same as worn by celebrities at different occasions to make a signature statement. The following are some types of b3 bomber jackets collection that The celeb jacket has made for its most valued customers.

 Man Classic B3 Bomber Jacket With Detachable Hood

This shearling leather jacket comes in black color and is loved by those who like looking fashionable with style. It is made with 100% sheepskin and the inner side of the jacket is prepared with shearling to keep your head warm in chilling winters. Two vertical pockets are situated on the waist of the jacket, it has full sleeves that do not have any zippers attached with it. The hood of this b3 bomber jacket can be removed as per the choice of the user. After the removal of the hood, you can see the wide collar that makes the jacket look even smarter. Two branded zippers are used as the closure of this jacket.

Ladies B3 Bomber Aviator Shearling Jacket

In yesteryears, the girls were not considered to wear a dress that resembled the one that men wear. With the advancement of time and the active role of women in every field normalized and they started wearing the attire that best suited them. Today we make the wardrobe for the general public that includes a b3 bomber jacket for women.

Celeb jacket has introduced ladies b3 bomber Aviator shearling jacket, it is made of 100% genuine sheepskin leather, it has a wide collar that gives it a smart look, it has two pockets on the waist height that are closed with the help of a branded zippered. This b 3 bomber jacket closes with a big branded zipper. This B3 jacket is full sleeves that are a bit loose at the wrist. High-quality branded material makes the outfits even much more attractive. It is available with a celeb jacket at affordable rates and in a variety of sizes.

Men Aviator B3 Shearling Sheepskin Jacket

If you have been looking for a leather jacket that looks great and feels trendy while protecting you from harsh weather you have come to the exact right place. We at celebjacket make the best real leather jackets that last for years. The inner side of the jacket is coated with fine shearing that increases the warmth of the jacket. The jacket has two pockets that are zipped with the branded zipper. It gives the men the look of ‘Born tough’. Its wide collar made of fur makes it the best B3 jacket to be worn in harsh weather for protection. The front of the jacket can be zipped with the help of the branded zipper.

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