The people who like listening to music and have been listening to American music for the last few decades know one name that changed the face of Rock music and that name is Michael Jackson. There was a time when not only the songs but, the singing and the dance performance and Michael Jackson clothing of the singing superstar was copied by people who loved him. Every jacket and coat that Michael wore became popular overnight and the apparel companies had to redesign the garments with a minor difference to avoid any copyright issues. The most popular Michael Jackson that the apparel industry had to produce over and over again was the red-colored ‘Beat It’ jacket. It was a bright red colored faux leather jacket that had golden patches on its shoulder. It had a stand-up collar in a round shape. It had a number of zippers on its chest and waist. One more Michael Jackson jacket that was loved by all his fans living all over the world is the ‘Man In The Mirror’ jacket. It was a genuine leather jacket that had a shirt-style collar. It is lined with soft viscose material. Unlike other Michael Jackson jackets, this jacket only has one pocket and that is the inner pocket. The other famous Michael Jackson Jackets include the ‘Pepsi ad ‘jacket, ‘Michael Jackson Red Blazer’ and the ‘Thriller Red Jacket’.

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