Fashion experts from all over the world agree with the modern definition of street style, according to them the street style in the fashion and style of casual clothing does not come from the elite class or studios but right from the streets. In most parts of the world, the street style is associated with the youth and the attire in which youth is seen in the streets and other public places is the real street style. If you happen to look at the life of western countries you will get to know that no matter if it is the UK or the USA most of the street style men wear denim. In fact, the blue-colored denim material is one of the most selling materials in the world. Most of the denim jackets and varsity jackets that you see around you are a good example of New York street style outerwear. The loose-fitting hoodies with logos, emblems, and quotes written on them are another example of street-style men’s fashion. The leather jackets with flap pockets also fall under New York street style.

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