The apparel industry of today largely depends upon movies for popular designs Movies Celebrities Outfits. The majority of young men and women idealize the TV and movie stars and the garments that they wear become the trend of the town. There are dozens of designer jackets that the people see the celebrities wearing are so expensive that the common man cannot even think of buying them, the apparel industry redesigns these movie jackets with minor differences to avoid copyright claims. The redesigned version of movie celebrities’ jackets is much more affordable as compared to the designer items. The apparel industry makes sure that there is no difference in the quality and features of the apparel that is redesigned so that the wearer does not feel that he is wearing a replica. The industry redesigns the movie jackets that are the most popular among the public, for example, the jackets worn by actors and actresses of the most popular movies and TV series. The apparel manufacturers have redesigned the whole range of apparel worn in the popular TV series Yellowstone or the Top Gun Tom Cruise jackets.

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