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How Is a Trench Coat Different from Pea coat?

How Is a Trench Coat Different from Pea coat?

How Is a Trench Coat Different from Pea coat?

The apparel industry is a vast garment-making industry that most people do not know about it in complete detail. Some people don’t even know the names of most of the products that are a part of decent apparel and are manufactured at How Is a Trench Coat Different from Pea coat? Each day thousands of jackets and coats are produced to meet the requirements of the old and potential. There’s one thing that is common among both types of jackets is their background that both types of coats were initially designed for armed forces but now have become a part of the fashion apparel.

 The following are the main differences between a trench coat and a Pea coat that make both stand apart.


One of the major differences between a pea coat and a trench coat is that of the material with which both these types of coats are made. The pea coats are by and large made of wool but the trench coats are not woolens they are generally made of cotton, poplin or gabardine, or leather. Though traditionally made pea coats were made of rough and scratchy wool and in navy color, today, the pea coats are also available in a variety of colors. The trench coats are mostly made of waterproof material that is light in weight so can be easily worn every day. Traditionally the trench coats were made in Khaki color but today they are available in a variety of colors.


 The name pea coat was originated from the Dutch word “Pije” which is used in Dutch for a piece of garment that is made of coarse and sturdy wool fabric. The pea coat was invented by the Dutch but the British Army is responsible for making it popular all over the world. The pea coats were originally used by the American and European navy and the seamen used to wear them as a protection against the biting chills of winter winds.  The trench coats were invented and used by the European and American armies during WW1 in the trenches so it is named after their place of use.


 The pea coats are a sorter in length as compared to the trench coats as the maximum length of a pea coat is down till half the thigh. While the trench coats that were made in the yesteryears sometimes reached the ankles and sometimes they were reaching half the shin.

 The pea coats are designed with a double-breasted front with large sturdy buttons that are made of wood, metal, or plastic and huge lapels and vertical or slash pockets. The trench coats have turned down collars that can be worn flipped up. The trench coats have belts at the waist and cuffs for snug-fitting. Most of the trench coats are double-breasted but today they are also available in single breast design.

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