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The American Independence Celebration

The American Independence Celebration

The American Independence Celebration

Different countries all over the world have some special days to celebrate, these days include their religious festivals and days of national significance. One day that unites the nation of a country is its independence day. Just like all other countries that gained independence from the foreign forces the USA also detached itself from Great Britain a few centuries back. The 4th of July 1776 was the first day of America’s independence and it is celebrated each year with exuberance and patriotic enthusiasm by all the Americans living all over the world. Different people have different ways of expressing their love for their country in their own special way.

Activities of American Independence Celebration

Different government institutes are decorated with American flags and other bounties and lights. Several symposiums are held all over the different states of the country. At the college and university level, debate competitions are held for the independence-day celebrations. The people of Virginia enjoy the Great American picnic and fireworks every year on the 4th of July. It happens in the area called Norfolk where people come with their friend’s families and loved ones and enjoy the food treats and an evening full of lights in the shape of the awesome fireworks.

In another place of the state of Virginia known as Lexington, a balloon rally is held on the 4th of July each year to celebrate the independence of the USA. Here the people who come to celebrate enjoy the hot air balloon rides and in the evening a huge firework takes place at Virginia Military Institute Parade Ground. At the very place, different food stalls are set up, special activities for kids are also arranged. There is a car show in which antique and vintage cars are displayed. The young and old singers organize music concerts in which most of the songs that are played by the bands are patriotic songs.

There are many other activities that are held on the fourth of July for the celebration of Independence Day of America. At many gatherings, different political speeches are delivered in the light of the independence of USA. Many families, especially the families of retired and on-duty army officials arrange dinners and formal gatherings at their places. Different ceremonies are held to pay a tribute to the military personnel of the USA who have already served the country.

The youth of the country always come up with unique ideas for celebrating the independence day of the USA but the latest trend practiced at present is that of wearing USA flag jackets and having the flag tattooed on the body. The majority of people display the American flag outside their houses. The apparel industry makes the USA flag jacket every year in huge numbers as the trend of wearing the flag jackets is ever increasing and at times it becomes hard for the apparel industry to cater to the need of the patriotic American people.

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