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Riverdale Season: What Happened to the Main Characters

Riverdale Season: What Happened to the Main Characters

Riverdale Season: What Happened to the Main Characters

Riverdale is the name of an American TV series that started in 2017 and consists of four seasons. It is a teen TV drama that is based on the famous characters of Archie comics Riverdale Season: What Happened to the Main Characters. The adaptation for the TV was done by Archie comics for channel The CW. The show was produced by the Warner brothers. The TV series was originally conceived for a feature film but that program could not be implemented. The fourth season of the series started on October 9th, 2019. In the series, the Southside serpents are the name of a gang of young men who are involved in criminal activities. This gang lives on the Southside of Riverdale. The leader of the gang is FP Jones who is the father of Jughead Jones and Jellybean. The Southside serpents are mostly seen at a bar named Whyte Warm.

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Southside serpent’s jacket is available with the apparel companies at reasonable rates. It is available with in red and black color as these were the colors of the jacket displayed in the TV series. This black beauty is being manufactured for both male and female customers. The stylish cuts and flawless seems to make the garment a must-have for most of the people who love to wear leather garments and look trendy and decent both at a time. In Riverdale, the character Cheryl Blossom was presented with a red-colored Riverdale serpent’s jacket for helping the Southside serpents. The black version of the serpent jacket was worn by Cole Sprouse in the show.

 The Southside serpent’s jacket is a smart-looking attire that is available with in real leather and faux leather. It has an asymmetrical zipper and full sleeves that have zipper cuffs. The youth of today who like to wear street-style jackets and display them can now buy the Southside serpent’s jacket and become the center of attraction for all their friends. The Southside serpent jacket is lined with superior quality viscose that gives the outerwear a warm and comfortable feeling. Its lapel-style collar gives the jacket a stylish look. The jacket has two pockets at the waist and two inner pockets. At the back of the jacket is a patch in which a ferocious green-colored serpent could be clearly seen. At the upper side of the back of the jacket is written Southside and at the lower end, the word ‘Serpent is written. A leather belt is provided at the waist for the fitting of your choice. If you have been looking for a leather jacket that could protect you against harsh winter months and give you a unique look too you can surely try it with the Southside Serpent jacket.

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